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Instant Espresso Powder

Instant Espresso Powder

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DeLallo Instant Espresso Coffee Powder is a rich, dark roast coffee that is delicately ground, brewed and then dried to readily dissolve for easy mixing. A baker’s best-kept secret, adding a teaspoon or two of espresso powder is a simple way to enhance and intensify any of your chocolate recipes without adding a distinct coffee flavor. Click here for frequently asked questions.

The dry espresso powder can be used in a variety of ways from baking, to coffee drinks and even cooking. It can be mixed directly into your baking recipes as it easily dissolves into any wet batter or liquid to richen the taste of chocolate desserts: Tiramisu, brownies, cookies, cakes, icings, puddings, homemade lattes, Dalgona whipped coffee, and hot cocoa. Check out more recipes here!

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